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The coneva SmartBox is a stable and powerful IoT gateway for local energy management. On a Linux platform our software takes care of the acquisition of all power/energy and status data of the connected charging stations and implements the load management for the charging park.

Communication with the charging stations and the transparent routing of data into the CPO backend is carried out using OCPP, the industry standard Open Charge Point Protocol.

IoT Gerät für Energiemanagement

Features and benefits

The SmartBox provides a state-of-the-art hardware platform that ensures reliable and fast processing of energy data.

OCPP capability and ModBus connectivity allow the SmartBox to be quickly and easily integrated into existing power systems.

With SmartBox you have full control over your energy management. With an intuitive user interface and clear analytics, you can always stay on top of things and make effective decisions.

The SmartBox is designed to adapt to your requirements. You can book additional software services and expand functionality as your needs change.

The SmartBox ensures a reliable and safe energy management solution. With advanced security features and regular updates, your data stays protected.

The SmartBox can be mounted effortlessly on mounting rails, which makes installation quick and uncomplicated.


Charging points under management


Charging parks and parking lots


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The use of local energy management has proven successful for our customers. In this way, we guarantee minimum latency and maximum system availability.