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DHL Express, Berlin

How to optimize your grid fees and ensure constant overload protection - charging park DHL Express in Berlin​

Logistics service providers are increasingly converting to e-mobility to ensure more sustainable delivery, especially for last mile deliveries. The new DHL Express logistics hub in Berlin-Tempelhof is expected to make an important contribution to the DHL Group‘s emissions targets in the final expansion stage with 80 charging points.

The Solution

As a software partner for Elexon, which provides the hardware for the charging stations in this project, coneva offers a solution for setting up the EV charging infrastructure. The control of the individual charging points through Dynamic Load Management optimizes the operating and investment costs.

A particular challenge is the trouble-free operation of the parcel sorting system as the top priority for the customer. Therefore, considering the maximum building load and the grid connection point, the available power is dynamically distributed to the charging stations. If the building‘s grid connection reaches its maximum capacity, the Dynamic Load Management automatically reduces the charging power for the cars. In this way, coneva Charging ensures constant overload protection so that electric vehicles can be charged without any concerns or consequences for the operational business.

Managing EV charging stations and complying with on-site grid capacity

The Result

  • After installation started in November 2020, the charging infrastructure started operating in January 2021.
  • In addition to the automatic control of the charging capacity through Dynamic Load Management, the internal management and billing of the charging points (coneva CPO-Services) is also ensured.
  • All data are visualized in a user-friendly way via a web portal solution of the coneva frontend with individualized dashboards.
  • To save further grid charges, a pilot project for exchange market price-controlled charging with coneva LOOP with shifting energy costs to favorable night times is planned.
  • In line with its sustainability strategy, DHL is also expanding the charging infrastructures in logistics hubs internationally, for example at DHL Express in Prague, which is also implemented with coneva

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