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Are you looking for a digital solution for transparent energy data across all locations?

We offer cross-location and cross-sector energy monitoring as a module of sustainable energy management.

An important part in the transformation to CO2 neutrality for companies is the optimization of energy consumption. This includes identifying key areas of consumption and optimization opportunities, forecasting energy requirements, monitoring implemented measures and allocating energy costs to the relevant cost centres in line with their source.

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Monitoring opens the way for optimizing consumption and holistic EMS

The SaaS solution coneva Monitoring makes all of your organization's energy flows see-through in terms of grid consumption, power consumption or power production across all locations and sectors. It aggregates all devices across sectors and manufacturers.

Gaining control over energy consumption

coneva Monitoring is a central cloud-based online portal for energy monitoring that visualizes and monitors all relevant energy consumption data. Data from numerous data sources such as electricity and natural gas load profiles, PV systems and cooling systems are imported, consolidated, visualized and analysed on a daily basis and are available online 24/7 for all users.

High-performing & modular SaaS – easily connected

Our monitoring solution as Software-as-a-Service works manufacturer-independently for measurement and building technology as well as for technical store equipment. All relevant energy consumers in the company can be networked via our coneva SmartBox.

The companion on your way to pure sustainable EMS

The energy monitoring system identifies optimization potential for increased energy efficiency. It can also be easily combined with other energy management modules from coneva, for example to set up a load management system for e-mobility



We clarify all customer-specific requirements with you, such as topology, master data, data sources, formats and interfaces.



Our experts will initially prepare your application, set up the interfaces for data transfer and activate the range of functions you have booked.


Operation Support

During the commissioning phase, our Operations & Support Service provides you with professional assistance to ensure smooth use of the coneva Monitoring Portal.

Simple and transparent energy consumption

Our state-of-the-art dashboards for transparency! In our coneva app, you can analyze your data at any time and be ready for action!

A solution for every challenge

Every project is unique and we pride ourselves on developing precisely tailored and modular solutions for you.

coneva Charging

coneva Charging enables intelligent control of charging processes including VIP charging and PV charging.

coneva Community

With coneva Community you get a high-performance solution to build and securely operate energy communities for prosumers.

coneva Flex

Benefit from variable electricity tariffs with load shifting? With coneva Flex, we offer a system for flexibility marketing in your company.

How does coneva Monitoring work?

In coneva Monitoring, consumption and performance data for electricity, gas, water, photovoltaics and e-mobility are displayed. In short, all information relevant to energy management is brought together in one portal and visualized in an easy-to-understand way.

It is possible to analyze various data and export these analyses in different formats for further processing, for example in energy controlling. Moreover, it is also possible to feed additional data into the system. This can be done via the smart meter app and meter points can be fed in manually.

There are no specific requirements that need to be met. We work together to develop a measurement concept and ensure that we get as much data as possible into the system. We also make recommendations for other service providers.

This can vary greatly. Depending on the technical conditions and complexity, the implementation of energy monitoring can take just a few days or several months.

Separate user management is not yet possible. Master data management is already available and enables data series and associated attributes to be managed.

Our software for energy monitoring and controlling is available in German and English.

A success story

Selling electric cars confronts car dealers with new challenges. In order to supply the vehicles with electricity, they need to integrate a charging infrastructure into the dealerships. With coneva Charging, coneva Monitoring and Dynamic Load Management, coneva offers solutions that limit investment and electricity costs at the same time.

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