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Energy monitoring by coneva Monitoring

Are you looking for a digital solution for transparent energy data across all your sites?

We offer energy monitoring across locations and sectors as a module of sustainable energy management.

An important step for companies transitioning to CO2 neutrality is the optimization of energy consumption. This includes the identification of main energy usages and optimization possibilities, the forecasting of energy demand, the monitoring of implemented measures and the allocation of energy costs to the appropriate cost centers.

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Energy monitoring paves the way for optimized energy consumption and a holistic EMS 

With our Saas solution, it is possible to make all energy flows transparent across locations regarding grid usage, energy consumption or production. It aggregates all devices across sectors and manufacturers.

Gain control over energy consumption

Gain control over energy consumption

coneva Monitoring is a central cloud-based online portal with all relevant energy consumption data. It is manufacturer-independent in terms of both metering and building technology as well as technical equipment. Data from numerous data sources such as electricity and natural gas load profiles, PV systems and cooling systems are imported, consolidated, visualized and analyzed daily and are available online 24/7.

High-performance, modular SaaS that connects easily

High-performance, modular SaaS that connects easily

Our monitoring solution as software-as-a-service works manufacturer-independently for both measurement and building technology as well as technical equipment of the sites. All relevant energy consumers in the company can be connected via our coneva SmartBox.

Companion on the way to a sustainable EMS

Companion on the way to a sustainable EMS

The energy monitoring system shows optimization potential for increased energy efficiency. In addition, it can be easily combined with other energy management modules from coneva, for example to set up a load management system for your e-mobility.

Energy consumption made easy and transparent

Our state-of-the-art Dashboards to see more!

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coneva offers a lean and modular SaaS-solution to manage all energy sectors in a business such as PV, e-mobility, battery storage, and heat pumps.

Our energy management services

coneva Community

coneva Community

With coneva Community you get a high-performance solution to build and securely operate energy communities for prosumers.

coneva Charging

coneva Charging

coneva Charging enables the intelligent management of charging processes including VIP charging and PV charging. The expansion to a fully integrated energy management system is possible.

coneva Flex

coneva Flex

With coneva Flex we offer companies a system to enter flexibility markets with which energy procurement can be optimized and energy costs can be reduced.

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    Das Lastmanagement wird benötigt, wenn am Netzanschlusspunkt keine ausreichende Leistung zur Verfügung steht. Für ein dynamisches Lastmanagement ermöglicht unsere Lösung coneva Charging die Reduzierung der Netznutzungsentgelte (Leistungspreis) und die Steuerung der Ladeinfrastruktur (Priorisierung einzelner Ladepunkte).
    Ein Lademanagement sollte immer eingesetzt werden, wenn eine zu niedrige Netzanschlussleistung vorhanden ist, also ab dem zweiten Ladepunkt. In der Regel empfehlen wir ein dynamisches Lademanagement ab dem fünften Ladepunkt einzusetzen.
    Das PV-Überschussladen mit coneva Charging ist möglich und wird individuell konfiguriert.