Solutions for Energy Communities

We operate your energy community and balance the renewable power production with the consumption of the participants. In the community portal, you have full transparency of all energy flows and related billing, at any time.

Energy Communities in Europe

The EU Clean Energy Package and the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) create a binding framework for the emergence of energy communities in all member states.

With our software solutions, we support municipalities, cooperatives and other operators of energy communities. In doing so, we take into account the national regulatory framework with regard to state subsidies, tariff systems, and technical access to the participants' energy data via smart meters or alternative metering concepts.

Value creation and implementation stages of communities

The core function for each community is the aggregation and quarter-hourly balancing of generation and consumption of all participants. On this basis, the self-sufficiency, self-consumption and financial benefit of the community are calculated.

Robust algorithms take care of the balancing including distribution of generation to demand. Depending on the tariff, static or dynamic distribution is applied. Our frontend applications (web & app) provide the appropriate visualization for the community.

Our local energy management provides optimization of the collective self-consumption. By using flexibilities in charging infrastructure, battery storage and heat pumps at community level, we offer an increased economic and ecological benefit.

Energy Community Solution
Energy Community Solution

Technical Solution

Community as a Service

coneva Connect

coneva Connect includes all technical solutions to realize access to local energy data of the participants and their plants. This includes connections via rest APIs or also the installation of IoT gateways with corresponding protocols and interfaces.

As an established energy service provider, we offer our own gateways (e.g. Smart Box Compact) and also work with technology partners to cover the range of technologies at the local metering point.

Cloud Services

The aggregation and distribution of energy quantities within the community takes place in the secure coneva microservice architecture in the backend. Here, the energy data for each community is stored and managed centrally.

The coneva COBALD* service ensures the correct aggregation of consumption and generation and calculates the self-consumption and self-sufficiency of the community. The distribution of energy to the participants within the community is done either according to static or dynamic algorithms.

*) Community Balancing & Distribution

Web Portal

In the community portal, operators and administrators have full transparency of the community's energy data and are supported in billing. Analyze the generation and consumption in the community over time and receive the corresponding evaluations on the savings from self-consumption depending on the tariff or regulatory support.

The web portal also provides an overview of all participants in the community. Operators of multiple energy communities can switch between the communities in the portal (multi-tenant enabled).

Animated visualization for your website

The community widget shows the key figures of your community:

  • Local energy production, demand of the community, self-consumption, community autarchy, the required residual grid supply and, if applicable, feed-in of surplus electricity.
  • It also shows the financial benefit of the community - either as a subsidy through national regulation, or through tariff setting based on local or regional optimization.

The widget can be easily embedded into any website with just a few lines of HTML code. Visitors of your website will see directly the contribution of the community and the added value it offers to the participants.

Widget Demo

Community App

With the Energy Buddy app, participants have a handy tool that can be installed on iOS and Android smartphones. In the app, users can see the community balance, as well as their own energy. Especially helpful is the display of energy costs, which takes into account both the community tariff and the residual electricity tariff.

With the app, you promote participation and interaction within the community, and also have a channel for communication with participants e.g., via push notifications or the in-app chat function.

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We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and define the milestones to get your Energy Community up and running.

Frequently asked questions about our coneva Community

The energy supply of the future is digitally connected, decentralized and organized on a community basis. The expansion of small-scale photovoltaic systems will turn electricity customers into prosumers who generate, consume, store and intelligently trade their own electricity. A community must consist of at least two participants and requires at least one production plant. The participants themselves can be prosumers, but also classic consumers.

With our complete digital solution, we support municipalities, cooperatives and other companies in initiating, marketing and operating energy communities. For the members, participation offers both ecological and economic advantages. Financially, participation pays off through a reduced price for the electricity generated and consumed within the community ("collective self-consumption").

The Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) defines the principles and regulations for the establishment of energy communities. In principle, natural persons, companies and also public institutions can establish an energy community. In any case, it is a "legal entity", in the case of individuals organized as an association or cooperative, which becomes the provider and operator and organizes the distribution of energy among the participants.

The establishment of an energy community is regulated differently in the EU member states. Depending on national regulations and the status of RED II implementation, the steps for establishing an energy community are sometimes precise and sometimes not yet regulated at all. Essential, and this applies to all countries and markets, is the inclusion of the network operator, as this remains responsible for the uninterrupted and secure supply of the participants. We will be happy to support you in clarifying the requirements in your respective national or local context.

coneva does not act as energy provider nor as a community operator, but as a pure technology partner. However, if interested, coneva is happy to offer contacts to relevant players in the market. As a technology partner, we offer the software-based services, covering the community energy aggregation, distribution, and optimization, including the appropriate user frontends.

The provide a modular pricing for our services. In addition to a setup fee, we offer a three-tier licensing model that starts with aggregation in the basic version and is offered at an entry-level price. For the digital connection of the metering points (consumer, prosumer or also pure generation plants) we offer technical hardware at reasonable costs.

Products and solutions for intelligent energy management

Lademanagement für Elektromobilität im Unternehmen

coneva Charging

With coneva Charging, you get a powerful management tool to control charging management for e-fleets in real time.

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[Translate to English:] Energieflüsse im Unternehmen im Energiemonitoring visualisieren

coneva Monitoring

With the visualization of all energy flows in the company, coneva Monitoring creates a system for energy monitoring and energy controlling.

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coneva Flex

Benefit from variable electricity tariffs with load shifting? With coneva Flex, we offer state-of-the-art technology for flexibility marketing in your company.

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