External CPO backend

The CPO backend connection from coneva enables you to conveniently and reliably bill your charging processes and to comprehensively control your charging users. Not only do we offer our own CPO backend, but we also offer the ability to integrate with other existing backends such as SAP, Chargepoint and many more.

coneva Charging

External CPO backend

Communication with the charging stations and the transparent routing of data to the CPO backend takes place via the OCPP protocol industry standard. Thanks to local data processing and control, we guarantee maximum system availability and minimal latency.

Our offer

  • Connection and testing of your own charging station
  • Reliable partner for large number of charging stations
  • Own CPO backend through the SMA
  • Uncomplicated billing

Our backend partners

Market standard CPO backend solutions are connected to our load management via OCPP.


Legally compliant billing of your charging processes


Control the access to your charging stations


Monitoring of your
energy flows

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