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Charging Management by coneva

Are you looking for a digital solution for smart control of charging processes?

We offer dynamic load management and intelligent integration of e-mobility into your energy management system.

An important step for companies in their transition to CO2 neutrality is the switch to electromobility. Converting the fleet to electric drive is only one step in this process. The establishment of a local charging infrastructure and, above all, intelligent charging management are just as important as the replacement of old combustion engines in the fleet. With coneva Charging, we offer a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables you to reliably operate even complex charging infrastructures on site and intelligently manage the charging processes of electric vehicles.

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Reliably operate charging infrastructure

The SaaS solution coneva Charging enables you to manage complex charging infrastructures and can be expanded into a fully comprehensive energy management system in combination with other modules.

Software-based control of charging processes

Software-based control of charging processes

Even complex charging infrastrucures can be managed by implementing coneva Charging, Our software-based intelligent charging of the e-fleet.

Cost reduction for e-fleet charging

Cost reduction for e-fleet charging

Our solution allows you to make optimum use of the available grid connection capacity for all charging processes and to implement additional cost savings, for example by charging surplus photovoltaic power.

Further use of data in ERP systems

Further use of data in ERP systems

Thanks to absolute data transparency and integration in ERP systems such as SAP, other business processes can be supported, such as refund of travel expenses.

Integrate E-charging in busieness processes

Together with SAP we have developed a seamless solution!

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coneva offers a lean and modular SaaS-solution to manage all energy sectors in a business such as PV, e-mobility, battery storage, and heat pumps.

Our energy management services

coneva Community

coneva Community

With coneva Community you get a high-performance solution to build and securely operate energy communities for prosumers.

coneva Monitoring

coneva Monitoring

With the visualization of all energy flows in a company, coneva Monitoring creates a system for energy monitoring and energy management.

coneva Flex

coneva Flex

With coneva Flex we offer companies a system to enter flexibility markets with which energy procurement can be optimized and energy costs can be reduced.

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    How works coneva Charging?

    Frequently asked questions about charging management

    Load management is needed when there is insufficient power available at the grid connection point. For dynamic load management, our coneva Charging solution reduces grid usage fees (power price) and is able to control the charging infrastructure (prioritization of individual charging points).
    A charging management system should always be used if the grid connection power is too low, i.e. from the second charging point. As a rule, we recommend using dynamic loading management from the fifth charging point onwards.
    PV surplus charging with coneva charging is possible and is configured individually.