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An important building block in the transformation to CO2 neutrality of companies is the switch to electromobility. Converting the fleet to electric drive is only one step in this process. The establishment of a local charging infrastructure and, above all, intelligent charging management are just as important as the replacement of old combustion engines in the fleet. With coneva Charging, we offer a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that enables you to reliably operate even complex charging infrastructures on site and intelligently manage the charging processes of electric vehicles.

Reliably operate charging infrastructure

The SaaS solution coneva Charging enables you to manage complex charging infrastructures and can be expanded into a fully comprehensive energy management system in combination with other modules.

With coneva Charging, you manage even complex charging infrastructures and implement software-based, intelligent charging of the e-fleet.

This allows you to make optimum use of the available grid connection capacity for all charging processes and to implement additional cost savings, for example by charging surplus photovoltaic power.

Thanks to absolute data transparency and integration in ERP systems such as SAP, other business processes can be supported, such as travel expense accounting.

Modular load management solutions

Choose between three different load management solutions to achieve optimal energy management of your charging fleet.

Control through dynamic load management 

Due to the building load and charging capacity, the load limit would normally be exceeded. Our solution to this problem is dynamic load management. Here, the fixed power output is assigned to a charging park. The individual charging points are optimally controlled according to usage, controllability and a priority switching. With this solution, the energy purchase as well as the amount of grid charges can be optimized to achieve a high usage comfort for your charging infrastructure.


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Control through load management with prioritization 

In addition to a dynamic distribution within the charging points, charging can also be prioritized at individual charging points. This means that the load limit is not exceeded by the building load and charging capacity. 

Here, the actually used power is continuously measured at the house connection and the free power is distributed to the charging park. At times when the building load is lower, more power can be made available to the charging park. This increases the comfort of use for your charging infrastructure.

Control through schedule-based load management 

In addition to the features of the dynamic solution, schedule-based load management continuously evaluates current energy prices and energy sources. 

This means that the charging park can be operated with exchange-oriented energy prices via an individual power schedule. If the focus is on ecological operation, a solar schedule can also be used. This is based on the energy generated by a photovoltaic system. 

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