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up to 30 %

of energy cost reduction

up to 96

Electricity price signals per day

Reduce electricity costs with the coneva Flex tariff

The dynamic electricity tariff for battery storage and charging stations

We offer: A dynamic electricity tariff that uses the volatility on the energy markets to your advantage and significantly reduces your electricity costs.

The price of electricity on the power exchanges varies daily, but most customers always pay the same price in their electricity tariff. With the coneva Flex tariff, you can leverage this untapped potential and reduce your overall energy costs or those of your customers. This is because intelligent and automated load shifting - i.e. shifting the time when electricity is consumed - is often all that is needed to take advantage of dynamic electricity prices. Here, coneva combines your energy management solution for storage and charging stations with a spot market-based electricity tariff. In this way, we make charging park operators, industrial and commercial customers, and energy supply companies fit for the future and realize direct cost savings.

Check directly whether your site has cost-saving potential

With our online configurator, you can put together your personal coneva Flex tariff yourself and
we will get back to you promptly with your individual offer.

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Verbrauchs- und Kostenkontrolle in Echtzeit. Das coneva EMS versorgt Sie mit aktuellen Messdaten und Auswertungen über Einsparungen und Lastverschiebepotentiale.

Kosten senken

Kosten senken

Durch vollautomatische Lastverschiebung Kosten um bis zu 30 % senken. Der coneva Flex Algorithmus reagiert vorausschauend auf günstige Preisentwicklungen an der Strombörse und berechnet den idealen Betrieb Ihrer Anlagen.



Berücksichtigung Ihrer Optimierungsrestriktionen. Sie setzen den Rahmen für die Lastverschiebung und definieren die Zeitfenster, in denen die Lastverschiebung stattfindet - und das ganz ohne Komforteinschränkungen für Sie.

Just a few steps towards 30 % less electricity costs

1. Revenue calculator

We take a close look at your site and calculate the possible savings potential through a dynamic electricity tariff. We are also happy to help you with the optimal design of your equipment.

2. Contract
Tariff & EMS

You conclude a contract for the supply of electricity. This comprises our coneva Flex solution including energy management.

3. Installation EMS

Based on a measurement and control concept, we install a local EMS gateway and, if necessary, additional digital meters.

4. Monitoring

During the operational phase, you will have access to a monitoring portal where you can monitor power consumption and savings in real time.


Revenue calculation: Have your personal savings potential calculated for you

You enter your framework data and we calculate your individual, annual savings potential through the dynamic electricity tariff. In doing so, we take into account PV self-consumption & peak load management and thus maximize your revenue. We also calculate the optimal storage size for a holistic energy management of your site.

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    How does the coneva Flex tariff work

    Frequently asked questions about the dynamic tariff

    The most important prerequisite is the quarter-hourly measurability of electricity consumption, as otherwise dynamic electricity tariffs cannot be used and billed. For larger companies with an annual electricity consumption of 100,000 kWh or more, quarter-hourly metering is already possible via the RLM meter; for smaller companies or private households, an intelligent metering system is required.
    Charging stations for e-mobility are ideal for price-optimized load shifting, for example for e-fleet operators in the logistics sector, larger e-car fleets, or municipal utilities with a high density of electric vehicles in the grid area. Other flexible electricity consumers are heat pumps, stationary battery storage or cooling units.
    No, because the other electricity price components remain fixed. These include grid usage charges and electricity tax. We also have the power price under control. You can specify the maximum load of the flexible consumers via the built-in energy management system.
    No, this can not occur. There is always enough electricity available so that the convenience is fully maintained if the load is not shifted. For example, the e-car will still continue to charge even if the user does not follow the price indications of the charging tariff and does not postpone the charging process. However, only following the electricity price-optimized charging plan leads to a reduction in electricity costs. If the user does not follow the recommendations reflected in the prices of the variable tariff, he does not reduce his electricity costs either.
    For the tariff, coneva cooperates with Voltego GmbH, an electricity supplier that specializes in dynamic tariffs. The coneva Flex tariff combines coneva's technological expertise with Voltego's energy management expertise. coneva takes care of the necessary energy management system, which performs the load shifting optimization. To do this, you need to change your current supplier. coneva is your contractual partner and first point of contact, also with regard to electricity supply.
    A combination - or even an initial setup - of different energy management solutions including the dynamic electricity tariff is possible and recommended. The existing measures are added as restrictions in the algorithm used to create the price-optimized consumption schedule and are thus further taken into account in everyday life.
    For customers with a PV self-consumption system, the Flex tariff optimizes only the residual electricity demand. For this purpose, the generation of the PV systems is forecast and taken into account as part of the optimization. Surplus quantities can be marketed via our partner Voltego GmbH using the market premium model or direct marketing. Thus, we take care of all energy quantities that run through electricity meters.
    The quantities are purchased on the spot market of EPEX Spot (https://www.epexspot.com/en). This is the European power exchange where hourly and quarterly contracts are traded. This allows price signals to be passed on. You have the option to cancel your electricity contract on a monthly basis. This gives you the flexibility to monitor the electricity market and switch to a forward market product (fixed price) if necessary.