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SMA Solar Technology AG, Kassel

The steadily growing number of electric vehicles is also increasing the demand for public charging stations. For car park operators, this means setting them up for their customers. For this, coneva recommends intelligent energy management, energy monitoring and dynamic load management. This avoids load peaks when charging cars at the same time. Additionally, you can save energy costs in the long term through self-produced solar power.

The Project

SMA operates a parking garage for employees, visitors and pool vehicles at the Kassel site. Currently, 20 AC charging points with 11 kW power each are available for charging electric vehicles. The existing infrastructure is now being expanded to 50 AC and 2 DC charging points. For generating the required charging volumes, an additional 200 kWp PV system on the roof produces sustainable, local electricity for the public charging points.

The Challenge

The steadily growing number of electric vehicles presents SMA with new challenges. This is because charging generates high peak loads and consequently high energy costs. In addition, there are costly investments in the grid infrastructure. At the same time, however, the system should be future-proof and an expansion of the charging infrastructure should be possible at any time. Ideally, charging should be done largely with the self-produced electricity from the PV system.

The Solutions

This is where the coneva energy management gateway comes into play and, on the one hand, ensures the intelligent networking of public charging points, PV system and maximum building load at the site. On the other hand, the gateway continuously monitors the current power flows. Consumption and generation quantities are measured for this purpose. If PV electricity is available, it is then used directly to charge the EVs. Dynamic load management ensures that the available power at the grid connection is not exceeded. It distributes the maximum available power at the charging stations in real time depending on the total load of the building. This conserves operating resources and avoids investments in transformers, for example. In addition, an optimisation of the grid charges by shaving peak loads can be configured at the energy management gateway. Users such as fleet operators and energy managers have individually customised dashboards at their disposal for optimal transparency. This allows, for example, company hierarchies and structures to be displayed. The user thus has a constant overview of local energy production and consumption at the individual charging stations.

Lademanagement für intelligentes Laden von E-Autos in Tiefgarage und Parkhaus

The Result

  • By using the coneva energy management gateway, the car park as well as the company premises are optimally equipped for the expansion of electromobility and the power grid connection does not have to be extended.
  • With the PV system on the roof of the car park, the operator also achieves a self-consumption rate of over 90 %.
  • Since the EVs charge at the public charging stations mainly during the day, the majority of the solar power produced can be used directly.

Thanks to coneva's dynamic load management, we were able to save infrastructure costs of 50,000 euros. We will use the money to equip more locations with EV charging stations.

Jürgen Reinert (Spokesman of the Managing Board of SMA Solar Technology AG)

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