Dynamic load management for electric vehicles

What is dynamic load management?

Dynamic load management is used to control the charging power of electric vehicles. In contrast to static load management, dynamic load management uses the current residual load in the building to best provide available capacity to meet vehicle charging demand. Thus, the maximum charging power for the vehicles is dynamically adjusted, depending on the resiudal load at the grid connection point.

Gradual and limited charging of electric vehicles ensures that the physical limits of the local power grid (esp. grid connection) are respected to avoid overvoltage and power outages. At the same time, defined peak loads are avoided to reduce electricity costs. Load management is implemented via the software in the local controller to which the charging stations are connected. The control is based on the real-time measurement data of grid connection meter, sub-meter(s) as well as the (OCPP) data of the charging columns.


Sicherheit gegen Überlast des Netzanschluss


Optimale Verteilung verfügbarer Energie auf alle Ladestationen


Vermeidung unnötiger Lastspitzen und Invesitionskosten spart Kosten

How is this different from static load management?

The main task of load management is to prevent overloads of the power grid and to reduce expensive peak loads. In contrast to static load management, dynamic load management allows the available network power to be used efficiently to avoid costly expansions, e.g. an expansion of the network connection or the line topology behind it.

The control of the charging power of the electric vehicles is done in real time, taking into account both the current power consumption of the building (residual load) and the available grid connection power (load management limit). This ensures that electric vehicles are charged safely and cost-effectively.

The following illustrations show in green the available load capacity with static and dynamic load management. On the one hand, you can see on the left that a static load capacity is always assigned additively to the (unmeasured) residual load; at the same time, you can see on the right that the load capacity is significantly larger in total despite a lower limit.

Static load management

static load management

Dynamic load management

dynamic load management

Advantages: Dynamic load management with coneva charging

Using the dynamic load management of the coneva charging solution offers our customers a variety of benefits:

  1. Avoidance of additional network fees
  2. Protection of the power distribution
  3. Reduction of loading times
  4. Limiting peak loads through intelligent use of flexibility
  5. Safety through logging of limit value changes
  6. Avoidance of investment costs for the expansion of the grid connection point
  7. Optimal use of the available power at the grid connection point (ideally with dedicated meter at each subdistribution)

With dynamic load management, we offer operators of charging infrastructure an efficient solution for the safe and cost-optimized charging of electric vehicles. With the coneva Smartbox, intelligent control and distribution of power loads takes place to make the best use of available energy, avoid power grid overloads and optimize costs.

Our charging solution and dynamic load management is already in use at over 150 sites. We manage and optimize the charging infrastructure of any size, from small company parking lots with a few charging stations to large charging parks of logistics companies with over 300 charging points. If your are interested, please contact us (contact form).

Frequently asked questions and answers

Yes, coneva’s dynamic load management is scalable and can be applied to different types of buildings and energy systems. From single locations to extensive energy portfolios, the system can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

Coneva has implemented high-security standards to ensure the protection of data and the energy management system. The systems are protected against unauthorized access. All data is transmitted and stored encrypted.

Yes, coneva offers comprehensive support for the implementation of dynamic load management. For installation and commissioning, our expert team assists in system setup, user training, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. More about the support for installers here: https://coneva.com/services/lademanagement/installer-ready/

Our charging solution works manufacturer-independent and is compatible with a variety of manufacturers and charging station models, both for AC and DC chargers. It also supports a mixed infrastructure of different models at the same location. More about the compatible charging stations here: https://coneva.com/services/lademanagement/kompatible-ladesaeulen/

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