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Are you looking for a digital solution to benefit from variable electricity tariffs by load shifting?

We present: Our SaaS solution for implementing load shifting based on current electricity prices

The price of electricity on the power exchanges varies daily, but most customers always pay the same price in their electricity tariff. With the coneva Flex technology solution, you can realise this untapped potential and enter the flexibility marketing market to reduce your overall energy costs or those of your customers. This is because intelligent and automated load shifting – i.e. shifting the time at which electricity is consumed – is often enough to take advantage of variable electricity prices. For example, charging park operators can reduce their electricity procurement costs with time-of-use (ToU) tariffs, energy suppliers can offer their customers variable electricity tariffs or companies can utilise intelligent energy management to increase their flexibility potential.

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A solution for every challenge

coneva offers a lean and modular SaaS solution to control all sectors in the company such as PV, e-mobility, battery storage, heat pump. ​

coneva Charging

coneva Charging enables intelligent control of charging processes including VIP charging and PV charging.

coneva Monitoring

With the visualization of all energy flows in the company, coneva Monitoring creates a system for energy monitoring and energy controlling.

coneva Flex

Optimized consumption of self-generated electricity and sharing it with others? With coneva Community, you get a powerful solution for setting up and securely operating energy communities for prosumers.

How does the coneva Flex tariff work? Frequently asked questions about the dynamic tariff and load shifting

The most important prerequisite is the quarter-hourly measurability of electricity consumption, as otherwise dynamic electricity tariffs cannot be used and invoiced. For larger companies with an annual electricity consumption of 100,000 kWh or more, quarter-hourly metering is already possible via the RLM meter; for smaller companies an intelligent metering system (Smart Meter Gateway) is required.

Charging stations for e-mobility are ideal for price-optimized load shifting, for example e-fleet operators in the logistics sector, larger e-car fleets, or municipal utilities with a high density of electric vehicles in the grid area. Other flexible electricity users are heat pumps, stationary battery storage or cooling units.

No, because the other electricity price components remain fixed. These include grid utilisation fees and electricity taxes.

No, this can not occur. There is always enough electricity available so that the convenience is fully maintained if the load is not shifted. For example, the e-car will still continue to charge even if the user does not follow the price indications of the charging tariff and does not postpone the charging process. However, only following the electricity price-optimized charging plan leads to a reduction in electricity costs. If the user does not follow the recommendations reflected in the prices of the variable tariff, he does not reduce his electricity costs either.

If the current electricity supplier already offers a dynamic electricity tariff, a change of the supplier is not absolutely necessary. In this case, we only take over the energy management and control of the systems. However, coneva also offers its own dynamic electricity tariff. The combination of this tariff and our EMS creates a complete solution that provides everything from a single source.

A combination – or even an initial set-up – of different energy management solutions including variable electricity tariffs is possible. The existing measures are added as restrictions in the algorithm, used to create the price-optimised consumption schedule and are therefore taken into account in daily life.

A success story

Selling electric cars confronts car dealers with new challenges. In order to supply the vehicles with electricity, they need to integrate a charging infrastructure into the dealerships. With coneva Charging, coneva Monitoring and Dynamic Load Management, coneva offers solutions that limit investment and electricity costs at the same time.

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