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SMA Solar Technology AG, Kassel

On the way to an EV fleet, many fleet operators face complex challenges. We at coneva have the necessary know-how and are happy to help you step by step with the electrification of your fleet. Because you can only achieve maximum added value from electric mobility thanks to comprehensive planning and implementation of a charging infrastructure using our coneva Energy Management, coneva Monitoring and coneva Fleet Management solutions. In the end, you will not only save on your electricity consumption, but also on your CO2 emissions.

The Project

The car pool of a company is to be electrified and thus equipped with EVs. In order to be able to charge the EVs, sufficient charging stations must therefore be installed. An energy management system, which is ideally supplied with self-produced solar power, ensures optimal control of the charging points.

The Challenge

Uncoordinated charging of electric vehicles usually leads to high energy bills. Moreover, an additional costly expansion of the local power connection is often necessary. Therefore, reliable management of charging points and precise billing of employee trips are necessary. With our integrated software solution for charging point management, we keep the administrative effort for the entire EV fleet management – even across multiple locations – to a minimum.

The Solution

The great added value of the coneva solution consists primarily of the reliable compatibility of intelligent energy management with the administrative requirements of fleet management. Not only the billing process, but also the charging point allocation is automated. The system is scalable and can be operated with hardware and EV from all manufacturers.

To ensure optimal transparency, customised dashboards are available to the different users in your company:

  • Energy managers constantly monitor local energy production and consumption at individual charging points
  • Fleet managers have all billing details and cost centres of their e-fleet under control at the push of a button
  • IT administrators are equipped with a clear user administration and can easily distribute user role requests
Manage billing and charging of EV car pools

The Result

  • The use of coneva energy management achieved savings of approximately €50,000 in one-off investment costs in the otherwise necessary expansion of the on-site transformer.
  • Additionally, the grid charges are reduced by approximately 8,000 € per year, as load peaks are avoided.
  • Through the rooftop PV system, the company achieves a self-consumption rate of over 90%. This is particularly advantageous because the net saving for each self-consumed kilowatt hour is already up to 6 ct/kWh. Consequently, this leads to a total saving of around 11,000 € per year. The company can therefore significantly reduce its electricity costs with the integration of its own PV system into the EV charging infrastructure and also save about 180 tonnes of CO2.
  • All relevant charging and operating processes are managed from a single source and integrated in one tool.

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    coneva Charging

    coneva Charging

    coneva Charging enables the intelligent management of charging processes including VIP charging and PV charging.

    coneva Monitoring

    coneva Monitoring

    With the visualization of all energy flows in a company, coneva Monitoring creates a system for energy monitoring and energy management.

    coneva Flex

    coneva Flex

    With coneva Flex we offer companies a system to enter flexibility markets with which energy procurement can be optimized and energy costs can be reduced.