Food retail

More sustainability in retail: Identify savings potential across all locations

Food retailing with more than 2,000 stores in Europe

The solution

A central platform for uniform data and networked sectors 

As a solution, coneva offers a central online portal with all relevant energy consumption data. The coneva monitoring system is manufacturer-independent, both in terms of measuring and building technology as well as technical branch equipment. Data from numerous data sources such as electricity and natural gas load profiles, PV systems and cooling systems are imported, consolidated, visualized and analyzed daily and are available online 24/7 for all branches. In addition, all the data required to create energy management analyses and create key figures flows into the portal. This includes above all sales and storage areas, opening hours, technology installed on site and other master and transaction data. Changes can thus be tracked and the entire store inventory is transparent and analyzable. Corresponding views and analyses are provided for different hierarchical levels (from group to store view). Early warning systems are used to identify and communicate anomalies. The integrated action management can immediately take countermeasures and documents adjustments. 

The result

Keep investment costs low, expand charging infrastructure and ensure sustainable customer experience 

Successively, coneva monitoring will reduce the existing complexity of data reduction and increase its transparency and analyzability. The resulting local adaptations achieve potential savings of up to 15%. With the further objective of establishing and continuously developing an integrated high-performance energy management system, further savings potential of up to 15% can be achieved through additional efficiency measures such as dynamic load management, intelligent plant control and/or energy market integration. In addition to the pure cost optimization provided by the coneva solution, an important contribution is also made to achieving the company's sustainability goals and resource-saving use of energy. In order to implement e-charging throughout Europe, coneva has also developed a fully integratable and manufacturer-independent concept for charging infrastructure. 

Case Study

Food Retail Chain

A large food retailer with more than 2,000 stores in Europe is to set up a cloud-based monitoring system for electricity and gas as well as heat and water, including associated logistics and production locations.In addition, a concept for the development of an e-charging infrastructure is to be developed, which fits ideally into the overall system with energy management and energy production.

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