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Böwing Energietechnik, Münster

EV charging infrastructure is now being installed in many companies. In this process, the operator must also decide on a suitable charging point payment system in the form of Charge Point Operations (CPO) service. Ideally, the CPO backend is scalable and grows with the operator’s requirements. This means, on the one hand, the number and diversity of charging stations (and their respective manufacturers) and, on the other hand, relevant use cases, such as charging and billing at the workplace, at home or on the road. coneva provides you with various solutions for this. Among other things, we support you in connecting the charging points to the coneva CPO backend, managing and monitoring the charging points, recording and user-specific billing of the charging processes and a possible integration of coneva Charging including dynamic load management.

The Project

The energy engineering company Böwing Energietechnik has two charging points in operation at its site in Ahaus. In addition, there are another eighteen charging points at five customer locations. To manage and monitor the charging points, as well as to enable billing with charging point payment systems, a comprehensive usage and billing platform is needed.

The Challenge

Böwing Energietechnik would like to transparently manage the charging infrastructure at the various company locations and account for it internally. Furthermore, external users should also be able to use the charging infrastructure and, in addition, the charging processes of employees at home should be recorded and then automatically billed. The additional electricity demand of the charging stations should not be underestimated either, as it often exceeds the limited capacity at the grid connection point. This would lead to high additional costs which can easily be avoided through load management.

The Solution

The coneva CPO backend now manages and monitors all connected charging points. It also records charging processes, assigns them to individual users and bills them. Furthermore, it is now also possible to access the charging points during operation. The coneva CPO backend harmonises perfectly with the charging points installed at the customer locations and has also been tested for compatibility with others based on the OCPP 1.6 standard. The connection of the charging stations to the backend takes place by means of a secure APN connection through the mobile network. The SIM card required for this can be installed either directly in the charging pole or in a separate router. One advantage of the SIM card is that the charging station does not come into conflict with a company firewall and thus self-sufficient operation is possible. In order to avoid infrastructure adaptation costs because, for example, the charging power exceeds the connected load of the site, the coneva Smart Box is used to intelligently control the charging stations installed at the site.

Software zur Abrechnung von Ladevorgängen von Elektroautos

The Result

With the coneva solution, Böwing Energietechnik has found a standardised and scalable CPO and charging infrastructure, independent of the charging stations’ manufacturers.

  • Additional charging points can be installed and connected to the coneva CPO backend at any time.
  • Other functionalities that can be used include monthly billing, visualised usage overview in the dashboard, reporting, live monitoring and incident management, as well as service & support.
  • In conjunction with coneva’s services, there is the possibility of setting up a fully integrated electromobility solution for charging with solar power as well and, in the future, to expand it to include commercial storage.

coneva thus offers a comprehensive solution to ensure not only safe operation, but also optimised energy consumption and greater sustainability in the company in the long term.

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