coneva and NWG Power enter into partnership on e-mobility and residential energy management

coneva und NWG Power gehen Partnerschaft bei E-Mobilität und intelligentem Energiemanagement in Wohnquartieren ein


The aim of the partnership is to set up EV charging infrastructure and to implement a holistic residential energy management including local power generation and electric heating systems.

  • Partnership for integrated charging infrastructure in the private and commercial real estate industry
  • Integrated approach through the inclusion of electrical heat pumps and neighbourhood battery storage
  • Local PV electricity supply for tenants and residential load flexibility also included in the range of service

As a corporate start-up of SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), one of the world’s leading specialists in PV system technology, intelligent energy and load management are the métier of the Munich-based company coneva. NWG Charging GmbH (NWG) offers complete solutions in the field of charging infrastructure for the housing industry. NWG takes care of the planning, sales, installation and service of the charging infrastructure. In addition, NWG is a provider of systems to provide PV electricity to tenants, a green power supplier with its own balancing group and a metering point operator. By combining the offerings of NWG and coneva, customers from the housing industry (housing construction companies, cooperatives, groups and home owners’ associations) as well as from the commercial real estate industry benefit from an integrated solution consisting of hardware, software and services based on it. NWG customers can thus reliably operate private, as well as semi-public and public EV charging stations with little effort and cost in order to concentrate on their core business.

Time-of-use tariffs are also part of the partnership

The experience and competence of coneva in tapping into energy flexibility as well as NWG’s role as an electricity supplier will also make it possible to offer time-of-use tariffs for the housing industry in the future.


“Our focus is on software-based services for the energy industry. This makes power generation and efficient consumption an easy task for our customers. The portfolio ranges from intelligent load management and optimised energy management to automated billing processes. With NWG as a partner, we can now bring our expertise to the housing industry,” explains Thorsten Wehner, Key Account Manager, coneva GmbH.

“The cooperation with coneva enables us to optimise the costs for EV charging in our properties by being able to react automatically to price differences on the energy markets. In addition, by integrating PV systems and heat pumps into our energy management, we create greater self-sufficiency and fully exploit the potential of renewable energies. This brings us closer to our goal of CO2 self-sufficient large properties,” adds Bernhard Rönsberg, Managing Director, NWG Power GmbH.

About coneva

coneva connects private and commercial energy consumers, prosumers and producers and shapes the local energy markets of tomorrow. With our 360° solutions we support them by analysing and optimizing decentralized energy supply, energy costs and their ecological footprint. We utilize the benefits of digital connectivity and apply smart technologies and data analytics as the basis of a resource-saving and cost-efficient energy system. coneva GmbH is a subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, a leading global specialist for photovoltaic systems technology.

About NWG Power

NWG Power was founded in Hamburg in 2014. NWG Power offers its customers a wide range of solutions for more efficient property management. The focus is always on digitalisation, especially in the areas of energy supply, e-mobility, PV generation for tenants, consumption data collection and drinking water management. NWG Power reduces management costs through integrated data management and intelligent metering systems. Several thousand customers from the real estate sector are already benefiting from this wide range of services as well as from the individual and personal consulting on the topic of energy.

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