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Integrated E-Charging




Motor Center Heinen

The sale of electric cars poses new challenges for car dealers. In order to supply the vehicles with electricity, they have to integrate a charging infrastructure into the car dealerships. With coneva Charging, coneva Monitoring and Dynamic Load Management, coneva offers solutions that limit investment and electricity costs at the same time.

The Project

German car dealer Motor Center Heinen would like to build a charging infrastructure for EVs at five locations that meets the current specifications of the various car manufacturers. In addition to cost-efficient operation, they want to integrate the charging infrastructure into the existing energy structures and building loads. In addition, the operators want to create a database on the basis of which they can react to changing requirements in the energy system at any time.

The Challenge

The challenge here is the unrestricted operation for EV charging despite limited building load. This is because, for historical reasons, the energy supply in the car dealerships has already undergone several expansions and adaptations. Even currently, the available building connection capacities are not sufficient for unrestricted operation of the required charging infrastructure. Therefore, a solution is needed that takes into account the actual power requirements and conditions on site. In addition, this should then be used to determine the exact charging infrastructure and at the same time keep investment and operating costs low.

The Solution

coneva Charging offers a solution for setting up the EV charging infrastructure geared towards optimizing operating and investment costs. To this end, the current energy supply (e.g. current building load, load peaks, on-site power production) was first analyzed at all five locations. And then a concept was developed, taking into account the charging infrastructure desired by the customer. 

According to these requirements, 2 resp. 3 AC charging points (22 KW each) and a DC fast charger (25 KW) were installed on site. A further AC charging point (22 KW) is available for service within the workshop. All charging points have been integrated into a site-specific, dynamic load management system. In order to cover additional energy requirements and to become more independent through on-site power production, new PV systems were installed on the roofs of the locations. With the central coneva monitoring system, the operation of the charging infrastructure, but also the complete energy supply of the sites, can be centrally monitored, evaluated and adjusted 

Vernetzte Ladeinfrastruktur

The Result

The five locations were fully equipped with the charging infrastructure by coneva and all charging points were connected to the cross-location, central monitoring system. Data from building services engineering and in-house electricity production are also integrated there. This is the basis for further optimized operation. The integrated dynamic load management shows first positive results:

  • It ensures that the power actually used by the building connection is constantly measured and evaluated and that the free charging power is distributed to the charging infrastructure.
  • The allocation and distribution of the performance limits is always carried out under consideration of the maximum building connection performance, the use of the charging points, as well as a predefined priority switching.
  • This way, investment costs and current electricity costs were reduced right from the start.

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    coneva Charging

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    coneva Monitoring

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