Supermarkt mit Photovoltaik-Anlage mit Energieoptimierung

Sustainable solutions for commercial customers

We help commercial customers to seize today’s opportunities on the energy markets in order to be optimally equipped for tomorrow’s challenges. Our team is composed of experienced energy professionals. They are well acquainted with the range possibilities for commercial customers when it comes to approaching the issues of energy supply, efficiency and marketing in a future-oriented manner. To this end we have developed various service modules precisely tailored to the needs of chain stores such as supermarkets, car dealerships, logistics centers and hotels. Reduce energy costs? Take advantage of flexible consumers and storage to generate additional revenue? As a modern digital energy service provider, coneva makes it all possible. Decentralized energy management and energy storage options make cross-sector solutions just as much a part of our repertoire as our holistic solutions, from planning to operation. We rely on a network of experienced partners in order to bring our customers the best possible solutions. We are constantly at work improving our modular building blocks for commercial customers, optimising services and thus making the new energy world even simpler and more transparent. Our goal: To make dealing with energy as intuitive, automated and uncomplicated as possible for our customers, and to open up additional opportunities for participating in new markets in the meantime.

Innovative service modules for commercial customers

Energy monitoring
for absolute transparency
  • All energetically relevant data - clearly arranged, cross-location and cross-sector
  • Identify financial consequences, and opportunities for improvement
  • Data analysis in different depths / levels of detail
Local energy management
for greater transparency and lower costs
  • Cost control for grid usage fees
  • Avoidance of unnecessary load peaks (peak load shaving or peak load capping)
  • No costs for extending grid connection capacity, e.g. for adding charging infrastructure to include e-vehicles
  • Full transparency about load profile, power peaks and their drivers
  • Increase in private consumption results in increased economic efficiency of one's own PV plant
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
Energy market integration for attractive additional revenues
coming soon
  • Flexible control of your electrical consumers in order to profit from opportunities on the energy market
  • Automatic optimization via local and market-side revenue sources
Individual on site consultation and concepts
for your situation
  • Transparency about the local energy situation
  • Identification of possible optimization controls and financial effects
  • Suggestions for tried and tested improvement measures based on comparable cases and recommendations for customer-specific measures, e.g. innovative direct marketing

Why make something complicated if it can be done easily?


coneva for supermarkets

We offer a one-stop solution for your energy supply, any associated costs and constantly changing regulation.

Our focus

  • Reducing energy costs and CO2-emissions
  • Cross-sector networking of the plant landscape (heating, cooling and electricity)
  • Creating new marketing opportunities for your flexible consumers
  • Renewable energy (photovoltaics), charging stations for electric vehicles, battery storage
  • Intelligent control of heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems

Our solutions for supermarkets are

  • cost-effective
  • comprehensive and intuitive
  • technically advanced
  • flexible and scalable
  • future-safe
  • automated and digital
  • service-focused

coneva can do more than you see here, however.

We focus on our customers and their individual needs. We would be happy to convince you that we have the right solution for you.