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Solutions for the new energy world

We see tomorrow’s solutions as occuring within a decentralized digital energy industry. It’s both our vision and what drives us. We don’t just want to swim along with the current, we want to make a difference, using innovative ideas based on our shared knowledge. We stand for digital and decentralised energy management in which everyone can participate: Municipal utilities functioning as regional energy suppliers via white label offers as well as commercial customers such as supermarkets, car dealerships and hotel chains.

What sets coneva apart?


Our special added value lies in the comprehensive range of our solutions. This enables business models that allow customers to operate more cost-effectively, keep your customers closer to you and rise to meet the challenges of a digital energy world. The comprehensive nature of our solutions for our two client segments arises from our unique triad of hardware, software and service. It is only through a clear-sighted and comprehensive view of these three elements that a polyphonic, harmonious interplay be orchestrated, one tailored to you that furthermore avoids isolated solutions.

coneva’s product range

Energiemanagement, Energieoptimierung und weitere Energiedienstleistungen von coneva für Gewerbekunden, wie Supermaerkte und Filialisten.

Our product line for commercial customers

Our solutions for commercial customers are ideal for supermarkets, hotel chains, car dealerships, and chain stores in general. Logistics centres also stand to benefit from our energy services. What do we offer commercial customers?

  • (Cross-sector) peak load shaving, including cooling
  • Flexibility marketing
  • Planning and design of charging station infrastructure
  • Operation & Maintenance
Stadtwerke und Energieversorger mit Loesungen von coneva bestens vernetzt.

Service modules for municipal utilities and regional energy suppliers

While the digitalization of the energy industry brings new opportunities, it also poses new challenges. As established regional partners, municipal utilities need new ideas and business models. We are the right service provider when it comes to bridging the gap between decentralized energy management and the energy markets.

  • Customizable customer frontends (energy apps and energy landscape)
  • Energy transparency & monitoring
  • Local energy management
  • Build & manage your electrical community
  • Distribution network services (e.g. virtual power plant)