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Charging points under management


€ 850,000

Cost savings

in commissioning and operation

coneva Charging

Electromobility for businesses and fleets

In place at over 150 locations for a total of over 2,200 charging points. Find out more about our excellent, manufacturer-independent load management for your parking lot, parking garage or charging station.  

We always think of electromobility from the customers’ perspective and their needs. We support you from planning, installation and commissioning all the way to operation. Leading logistics companies, OEMs and other companies of all sizes rely on our solutions.

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With our quick check, you can specify the existing or planned charging infrastructure.
You will then receive an individual offer for your location.


With coneva Charging, you avoid unnecessary network expansion and make optimal use of your resources.


Our software guarantees the needs-based supply and efficient use of your infrastructure.


Avoid unnecessary load peaks by intelligently controlling your charging infrastructure, day and night.


PV surplus charging as a complete solution with the SMA EV Charger Business and the intelligent load management of coneva!

The master bundle for PV surplus charging

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coneva Charging

Intelligent load management for charging stations

coneva SmartBox

coneva SmartBox

High-performance hardware platform for intelligent control of up to 300 charging stations.

Load management

Load management

Static and dynamic load management, PV surplus charging, and schedule-based charging.

eMobility gateway

eMobility gateway

Monitoring of all charging stations incl. analysis of charging processes, energy quantities and load limits.

Installer Ready

Installer Ready

Expert support for installers from planning to configuration and operation.

Compatible charging stations

Compatible charging stations

Seamless integration of a wide range of OCPP-enabled and cloud-enabled charging stations into power management.

external CPO backend

external CPO backend

Transfer of all OCPP parameters and data to external CPO backend solutions for management and billing.

How does coneva Charging work?

Frequently asked questions about load management

Load management is required when there is insufficient power available for all chargers at the grid connection point. With our dynamic load management, we take into account the residual load at the site and regulate the charging points optimized against the load limit with the appropriate prioritization.
coneva Charging offers several benefits in terms of cost: On the one hand, you save on a possibly necessary expansion of the grid connection capacity. On the other hand, the system offers a reduction of the grid usage fees (power price) by capping peak loads, the so-called peak load shaving. In addition, the system can preferentially use the PV electricity for charging the vehicles, thus additionally saving costs and ensuring greater sustainability.
Load management should always be used when the grid connection power is too low, i.e. from the second charging point onwards. As a rule, we recommend using dynamic load management from the fifth charging point. There is no upper limit to our load management. We have charging parks with up to 300 charging points in operation.
With coneva Charging, we make PV surplus charging possible for you, tailored specifically to your individual situation. This means that the surplus electricity from your photovoltaic system is first charged into the electric vehicles before being fed into the grid.
Our software charging solution can be delivered to you within two weeks, including the required hardware.
Based on your project master data, we create an individual technical architecture with the coneva system configurator. This forms the basis for the installation of meters, sub-distribution, SmartBox and all chargers. At the installation date, we provide support for the parameterization of the components and the configuration of the load management. This is followed by the functional test and the handover of the charging solution to the company.
Our load management can be easily integrated with common CPO backend platforms, such as SAP, E-Flux, Gridware, Has2Be or ChargeCloud. All OCPP-based functions, especially authorization management, are passed through the SmartBox in real time.
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