Mann sitzt vor Bildschirm auf dem Graphen mit Energieverbrauch zu sehen sind

coneva Monitoring

Visualize energy consumption and create transparency

coneva Monitoring

Absolute transparency of your energy data

With coneva monitoring, it is possible to make all energy flows transparent across locations and sectors regarding grid usage, energy consumption or production. This includes the identification of main energy usages and optimization possibilities, the forecasting of energy demand, the monitoring of implemented measures and the allocation of energy costs to the appropriate cost centers. coneva offers a central cloud-based online portal with all relevant energy consumption data. It is manufacturer-independent in terms of both metering and building technology as well as technical equipment. Data from numerous data sources such as electricity and natural gas load profiles, PV systems and cooling systems are imported, consolidated, visualized and analyzed daily and are available online 24/7.

coneva Monitoring across multiple levels and locations

Significant key figures can be used to quickly and easily identify the energy savings potential in the branch network. Individual benchmarks make values in the corporate group, the branches or individual buildings comparable.

With live information on consumption and costs, optimization potentials can be quickly identified. Incidents are also identified efficiently in this way and can be automatically resolved using individually defined measures. This helps to keep an eye on the state of the technical infrastructure and thus to operate buildings with maximum energy efficiency.

coneva Monitoring …

• visualizes all energy flows across all sites

• makes energy consumption transparent and comparable

• imports and consolidates different data types and sources

• aggregates all devices across sectors and manufacturers

• is flexible and modular in its handling in all branches

• enables remote access to data and an early warning system in case of deviations

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