coneva CPO-Services

coneva CPO-Services

Use and billing of charging infrastructures

The coneva Charge Point Operations (CPO) service is a comprehensive usage and billing platform for the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles. As an operator of charging stations and e-fleets, it provides you with a powerful management tool to control and network systems in real time. The coneva service is manufacturer-independent and supports companies and municipalities in managing, monitoring and billing charging stations and charging cards. Client management, roaming, different payment functions and first-level support thus work seamlessly together. For a consistent customer experience, we are also happy to provide our service as a white-label solution. In addition, integration with other coneva services related to electromobility and energy management is possible.

coneva CPO-Services: One service, many applications

Whether you offer charging infrastructure to employees, guests or visitors, our charging options cover a variety of charging scenarios.

Scenario 1: Contract use

In this scenario, the user contracts with the operator (B2C, B2B, or B2E) of the fleet or car park to use the charging station. After signing the contract, the user can authorize himself via an RFID card or smartphone app. The monthly and automated billing depends on the contractual relationship.  

For example, employees can use RFID badges to charge their company car or their own e-car at the company's charging station. 

Scenario 2: Adhoc use

If the charging station of the contractual partner is temporarily not available, there is the option of ad hoc use, also called selective charging. With this charging option, an anonymous user wants to use the charging station of an operator, for example hotel guests or people who want to charge their e-car spontaneously. After the operator has received a payment commitment, the user receives an authorization to charge. Billing is carried out via "direct" payment" (e.g. PayPal, credit card).  

As an operator of public charging stations, you can apply for a government grant to promote e-mobility. 

Scenario 3: Roaming (third-party use)

Roaming also enables the use of charging stations by unknown users. Authorization takes place via a connected roaming network (e.g. Hubject/Intercharge,, Gireve). Billing is carried out by a contractual partner (E-Mobility Provider = EMP). 

One application scenario for roaming is, for example, tourists or people who want to charge an e-car at (semi-)public parking areas. This charging option is particularly suitable for charging stations with changing users at several different charging locations, e.g., on highways or gas stations. 

Multifunctional dashboard for an overview of all charging processes of your e-fleet 

The complete CPO Services system includes all important information about your charging stations at a glance: 

  • Monthly billing of the charging points  
  • Monthly reporting on the status and function of the charging points 
  • Installation of charging stations 
  • Connection of charging points to public networks (can be booked as an option) 

If you decide to use our CPO-Services, we will be happy to support you in the setup up to the configuration of a white-label portal. For dynamic load management, integration with coneva Charging is also possible. 

Your advantages at a glance:

• Scalable: Flexible connection, management and marketing of an unlimited number of charging stations at different locations

• Fault-tolerant: Intelligently integrated solution as SaaS (Software as a Service) increases economic success

• Standardized: ConnectionNetworking of charging stations via the industry standard OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol)

• Integrated: Perfect integration into coneva services for electromobility and energy management

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For the operation of public charging stations, we offer you solutions with a CPO backend. You can operate the system on your own or you can use our service, which is specially adapted to your needs.

DirectPayment (e.g. ApplePay, credit card, Paypal) is a mandatory requirement for public charging points to enable barrier-free payment. As part of our service, we will find the best solution for you.

We provide versatile solutions for the billing of your charging stations and charging cards: From the transfer of the billing data in a CSV file, to the automated interface in common billing systems.

Yes, via our CPO backend you can individually determine which RFID cards can be used at the charging points. Of course, these cards can be blocked at any time.

In the event of a malfunction, we have VDE-compliant maintenance ready for you and repairs are carried out by certified partners.

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