Compatible charging stations

The coneva SmartBox is a stable and powerful IoT gateway for local energy management. On the Linux platform, our software aggregates and processes all power, energy and status data from the connected charging stations and implements load management for the charging park.

Compatible charging stations

At coneva, we rely on OCPP connectivity to ensure that all OCPP-enabled charging stations are compatible with our platform. We believe that integrating charging stations into energy management is an important step in promoting electromobility, and we want to enable our customers to achieve this seamless integration. Our customers can rely on us to provide them with an efficient and future-proof solution for their energy management.

Our offer

  • Connection and testing of your own charging station
  • Reliable partner for large number of charging stations
  • OCPP and cloud connection possible
  • Selection of over 20 compatible charging stations
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Our OCPP integration not only provides secure power management, but also many compatibilities. In addition, we offer cloud connections to integrate cloud-enabled charging stations into our system as well, thus enabling holistic control of the charging infrastructure.

Compatible manufacturers

We support the most common manufacturers on the market. The AC and DC charging stations are inspected and tested in detail with our load management system prior to commissioning. Are you missing a provider? Feel free to contact us and we will take care of the integration.

Are you looking for a digital solution for smart control of charging processes?

With just a few clicks, we can identify your potential and the available options for realisation. At once you will receive an individual offer from us.

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