coneva Charging

coneva Charging

Charging infrastructure with intelligent coneva load management

With our dynamic load management the flexible control of the charging infrastructure of the electric fleet can be implemented.

Modular load management solution

Dynamic load management:

The used power at the grid connection is continuously measured and free power is distributed to the charging park. Thus, in times with a lower building load, more power can be provided for the charging park and an even higher comfort of use can be achieved.

Schedule-based load management:

In addition to the dynamic solution, a continuous evaluation of the current energy prices or the energy source is carried out. Thus, the charging park can be operated with stock-market-oriented energy prices via an individual load schedule. If the focus is on an ecological operation, a solar timetable which is based on the energy production from a photovoltaic system can also be used as a basis.


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Case Study

Charging infrastructure - Dynamic Load Management

When converting or expanding a car fleet to electric vehicles, the operators of sites with charging infrastructure face new challenges. coneva offers a 360° solution that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer. The core of the modular expandable solution is the coneva Energy Management Gateway. It ensures the intelligent networking of charging stations, PV systems, storage systems and the building load at the site.

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