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We are now providing municipal utilities with a new “way behind the meter”: White label solutions permit energy suppliers, owners of photovoltaic systems and ecologically aware tariff customers alike to join a regional electricity community. To ensure a simple one-stop solution, coneva is collaborating with the process and billing specialist iS Software GmbH.

Interest in regionally generated green electricity is growing rapidly. More and more consumers who do not have their own photovoltaic systems are still looking to obtain their electricity from sustainable sources in their area. At the same time, there is an increasing number of prosumers who want to share their locally generated electricity and use it beyond their own means. The requirements of both customer groups can be combined in a so-called electricity community.

Offer for prosumers and classic tariff customers (consumers)

This is where coneva’s solutions come in: Municipal utilities now have access to a new and powerful way of communicating and interacting with customers, by means of an energy landscape tailored to the municipal utility’s respective region that displays the region’s regenerative production capacities, as well as a user-friendly white label app. Both prosumers and classic tariff customers can use these tools to gain insight into their individual and local electricity generation and consumption. The forthcoming expansion enables various community models with different characteristics to be integrated, a process facilitated by iS Software GmbH’s expertise on the municipal utilities’ process landscape.

White Label Solution for regional power communities

coneva offers end user app as well as cloud and community balancing

“coneva’s innovation allows customers of municipal utilities to join a regional energy community and take full advantage of the regenerative electricity produced within the region via virtual community storage,” explains Jochen Schneider, Managing Director of coneva GmbH. “In the process, coneva assumes responsibility for cloud and community accounting via the IoT energy management platform ennexOS from SMA, ensuring that each participant is allocated the electricity packages to which they are entitled, and for which they are finally billed or credited.”

Municipal utilities that connect their customers to such a community can consciously address their customers’ need for greater regionality, sustainability and sense of community, all while supplementing their classic tariff package(s) with an innovative and coherent business model in the sense of a new regional index. In this way, municipal utilities are also creating the basis for the sale and billing of value-added services – for example in connection with the smart meter rollout – and a real alternative to providers who are new to the market.

About coneva

coneva connects private and commercial energy consumers, prosumers and producers and shapes the local energy markets of tomorrow. With our 360° solutions we support them analysing and optimizing decentralized energy supply, energy costs and their ecological footprint. We utilize the benefits of digital connectivity and apply smart technologies and data analytics as the basis of a resource-saving and cost-efficient energy system. coneva GmbH is a subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, a leading global specialist for photovoltaic systems technology.

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