coneva equips Autohaus Koch GmbH with energy management system for integration of EV charging and PV

Standort der Autohaus Koch GmbH in Berlin-Biesdorf


The Munich-based energy management specialist is awarded the contract for the design and networking of charging infrastructure from different manufacturers at various Koch GmbH locations in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The contract not only includes the provision of charging options for the electric vehicles of Autohaus Koch GmbH, but also the integration of the wallboxes and fast chargers into a local energy management system. Using the SaaS solution coneva Charging, complex specifications and restrictions for the charging management of electric vehicles are taken into account through a standard solution. At the same time, the system serves as a central tool for the ongoing monitoring and control of the charging points.

The goal of the project is to implement a uniform energy management system at all locations. The following integration of the charging points into coneva’s scalable monitoring and energy management system provides Koch AG with a tool for the cost-efficient operation of the new charging points. In the process, dynamic load management enables the buildings and their various electricity consumers to be operated under the given circumstances – for example, when there is limited capacity at the grid connection point. The continuously collected data on the building load and the behavior of the individual components – from wallboxes to PV systems to the utilization of the building connection to the local grid – also makes it possible to specifically design and implement necessary adjustments to the local energy system for the future.

“What sounds like the generous installation of simple wallboxes in and around our buildings is actually a thoroughly complex undertaking. The implementation is a matter for specialists and that is why we turned to coneva. The introduction of a standardized energy management system will not only enable us to intelligently charge vehicles during workshop runs and new car deliveries, but will also give us a holistic view of the energy status quo of our buildings. This, in turn, is the prerequisite for future optimization of our electricity supply or for the electrification of other consumers, for instance the heat supply,” explains Thomas Greitzke, Managing Director of Autohaus Koch GmbH.

“We are very pleased with the contract, as our software solution can demonstrate its performance best in such complex projects. Due to its scalability, future extensions of the charging infrastructure or the integration of additional consumption units are also possible without leaving the solution standard,” adds Thorsten Wehner, Key Account Manager at coneva GmbH.

Implementation of the project will start immediately and is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2023.

About coneva

coneva connects private and commercial energy consumers, prosumers and producers and shapes the local energy markets of tomorrow. With our 360° solutions we support them by analysing and optimizing decentralized energy supply, energy costs and their ecological footprint. We utilize the benefits of digital connectivity and apply smart technologies and data analytics as the basis of a resource-saving and cost-efficient energy system. coneva GmbH is a subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, a leading global specialist for photovoltaic systems technology.

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