Decentralized energy management solution for SWM

Smart Meter für intelligentes Energiemanagement


Integration of Smart Meters and decentralized energy management solution

Together with Munich’s utility Stadtwerke Muenchen (SWM), we have successfully tested the integration of a decentralized energy management solution via the CLS channel at the smart meter gateway in a technical proof-of-concept. In doing so we are laying a technical foundation for new applications and future value-added services on the intelligent metering system. The background of the project is the investigation of the scalability of the smart meter rollout beyond the simple transmission of meter values at the grid connection point. In particular, this includes possible applications of a decentralized energy management system that enables the control of generation and consumption performance. New business model for utilities on the basis of a smart meter infrastructure combined with advanced energy management solutions

Control System & Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

The energy management system “ennexOS” of SMA Solar Technology AG used in the project setup enables households and businesses to optimize the control of local components (in particular photovoltaic system and battery storage), real-time monitoring of enery flows as well as centrally controlled intervention in the system via a virtual power plant of the energy supplier to optimize the feed-in proceeds of renewable plants and to use flexibilities from electric mobility.

When integrating the energy management system into the Smart Meter Gateway infrastructure, the control software was installed and configured on the CLS module. The connection to the backend systems of SWM as well as to the ennexOS portal was done via the encrypted TLS channel, including the integration of the modern measuring equipment as a meter. Thus the plant could be controlled via the virtual power plant of SWM.

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