Creating Value behind the Meter – Lessons Learned

Due to further rising penetration of technology, energy end customers become active and valuable players in the new digital energy world. At coneva, our vision is a secure, economically and ecologically decentralized energy supply that can be shared equally by all consumers and producers.

After more than one year in the business, we have successfully established our position in the digital energy market. In a number of projects collectively with our partners, we gained insights and developed a mutual understanding of current market needs as well as future developments and business model opportunities around:

  • Value creation with household customers
  • Integration of consumers and prosumers in bundled offerings
  • Apps and gamification technologies
  • Community models
  • Grid optimization (load prediction, remote battery control)

Are you interested in our journey?

Our CEO Jochen Schneider will speak about coneva’s vision and our lessons learned at the

ACI’s Digital Utilities Europe Summit
May 8th – 9th, 2019

Crowne Plaza Hotel – 1 Kings Cross Road, London, UK


Get in contact with us via info@coneva.com. Let us discuss your views, experiences and potential opportunities for collaboration!