coneva shapes the regional energy transition with Badenova



Together with the regional energy and environmental service provider Badenova, we are driving the regional energy transition forward: Selected customers who own a solar system including an electricity storage system are networked with each other via communication technology. This will enable intelligent management of battery storage systems.

By means of a connection to the IoT energy management platform “ennexOS”, the systems can be actively managed in coordination with the customers. In each case, a power value is specified at the grid connection point, which the customer’s system, consisting of PV system, battery storage, home management system and active loads, independently sets. The result is added value: the house connection is “refined”. Unpredictable becomes controllable. Critical grid situations, such as undervoltage or overvoltage, can thus be avoided. For this purpose, a solution was created with which, on the part of the grid operator, individual schedules with predefined power values can be loaded onto the energy management system so that the regulation of the grid connection power takes place in the self-consumption mode of the inverters. The networking of the individual local battery storage systems also reduces grid expansion costs and enables the integration of additional renewable generation systems into already fully utilized power grids.  

Customers participating in the project as “energy pioneers” have full transparency over their energy flows at all times and can monitor their system in a special web portal as well as in an app. At the same time, this coneva service creates the conditions for grid-serving integration of other consumption devices, such as charging stations for electric vehicles and heat pumps, into the energy market. With Badenova we are taking another step towards digitalization and towards becoming a solution provider in the new energy world.

About coneva

coneva hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, private und gewerbliche Energieverbraucher sowie -erzeuger zu verbinden. Mit SaaS-Lösungen unterstützt coneva dabei, dezentrale Energieversorgung, Energiekosten sowie den ökologischen Fußabdruck zu analysieren und zu optimieren. Vorteile der digitalen Vernetzung und smarter Technologien sowie Data Analytics werden als Grundlage für ein ressourcenschonendes und kosteneffizientes Energiesystem eingesetzt und genutzt. Die coneva GmbH ist eine Tochter der SMA Solar Technology AG, einem global führenden Spezialisten für Photovoltaik-Systemtechnik

About Badenova

Badenova AG & Co. KG was formed in 2001 from the merger of six regional municipal utilities and is a 100 % municipal company with its headquarters in Freiburg im Breisgau. Its core business is supplying private and business customers with natural gas, electricity, water and heat as well as related services. Together with the municipalities, partners from business and science, the company is driving forward the energy transition in the region and realising many projects in the field of renewable energy. The Innovation Fund for Climate and Water Protection is unique in the energy sector; money from the fund is used to support regional projects.

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