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Munich, November 29, 2023 – coneva GmbH is expanding its range of services from January 1, 2024 to include a dynamic electricity tariff for commercial and industrial electricity consumers with a minimum purchase volume of 100 megawatt hours per year. Under the coneva Flex tariff, the company procures the required quantities of electricity directly on the spot exchange and passes on the variable prices of short-term electricity trading to its own customers.

In contrast to many previously available dynamic electricity tariffs, the offer also includes an energy management solution that directly uses and optimizes the load flexibility of storage systems, charging stations and heat pumps. By combining local energy management with the dynamic electricity tariff, coneva maximizes customers’ cost-saving potential. With the help of the tariff, the times at which electricity is consumed can be specifically aligned with low-price phases in short-term exchange trading.

The first step in adjusting electricity consumption via coneva’s energy management solution is to take into account the potential self-consumption of locally generated solar power. This is followed by grid charge optimization and only in the final step is the optimization of the residual electricity demand, which is ultimately covered by dynamic purchasing on the spot exchange.

The overall optimization is based on various forecasts, such as local PV production, local consumption and prices on the spot exchange. Historical measurement data such as load profile data supplement the data pool and serve as a tool for plausibility checks. Only the coneva Smart Box control module is used to measure and switch the individual electricity consumers; no other hardware is required. On the software side, optimization is carried out using coneva’s energy management system, which has proven itself in over 150 customer projects.

Jochen Schneider, Managing Director of coneva, sees the coneva Flex electricity tariff as a building block for integrating flexible consumers into the energy system: “We are seeing a massive increase in local charging infrastructure for electromobility, but also in battery storage and heat pumps in trade and industry. The availability of these flexible consumers makes on-site energy optimization more economical and ultimately calls for a spot market-based tariff.”

From January 1, 2024, coneva will start with the first customers and a supply volume of around six gigawatt hours. The offer is explicitly aimed at commercial and industrial customers with PV systems and controllable systems such as battery storage, charging infrastructure or heat pumps.

Press contact: Sabrina Lindenthal | Marketing & Communications Manager | | +49 151 277 67 115

About coneva GmbH

Founded in early 2018 as a subsidiary of inverter manufacturer SMA Solar Technology AG, coneva GmbH develops digital energy solutions for holistic energy management across all sectors As a subsidiary of SMA, coneva has the necessary know-how for intelligent, local energy management behind the meter. This is based on over 400,000 online connected PV systems from SMA with over 1.8 million networked devices (including heat pumps, white goods, battery storage, electric charging columns/vehicles). Based on the IoT energy management platform ennexOS, coneva supports its customers in visualization, energy management and the design of new digital and sustainable business models as well as efficient processes.