Press release

Innovations for our changing energy system:

Badenova and coneva implement intelligent management of battery storage systems

Munich, 1 February 2019 – Badenova, the regional energy and environmental service provider has joined forces with coneva GmbH, a corporate start-up of SMA Solar Technology AG, to further advance the changing regional energy landscape. Select customers who own solar panels and a power storage unit are now linked with each other via communications technology, making it possible to intelligently manage battery storage.

By connecting to the IoT energy management platform “ennexOS”, the systems can be actively managed in coordination with customers. In each case, a power value specified at the grid connection point is set independently by the customer’s system, which consists of a PV system, battery storage, home management system and active loads. This creates added value: The house connection is thus “refined”: From unpredictable to controllable. Critical network situations such as under or overvoltage can thus be avoided. Networking the individual local battery storage facilities also reduces costs for grid expansion and facilitates the integration of other renewable generation plants into electricity grids already at full capacity. Customers who participate in the project as “energy pioneers” have full transparency about their energy flows at all times, and can monitor their system in a special web portal as well as via app. At the same time, via the network coneva’s service creates the conditions for integrating additional consumables such as charging stations for electric vehicles and heat pumps into the energy market. With their collaboration, badenova and coneva thus take a further step towards digitization and establishing themselves as solution providers in the new energy world.