Press release

Intelligent energy management and integration into the energy market:

Allgäuer Überlandwerk and coneva jointly develop solutions for intelligent energy management for prosumers, setting milestones for the energy market of the future in the meantime

Munich, 14 February 2019 The Allgäuer Überlandwerk, a well-known leader in innovative solutions for the energy revolution, takes its advertising slogan seriously. Under the motto “No one lives the energy future alone”, the Allgäu-based energy service provider has begun joint product development with coneva GmbH, a corporate start-up of SMA Solar Technology AG.

Networking as a central goal

There are already energy management systems on the market that harmonize and optimize household generation and consumption systems. According to the two project partners, the trick lies in linking prosumers to the energy market economically and developing their network among themselves. Michael Lucke, Managing Director of AÜW puts it as follows: “We look to provide solutions and services that manage our customers’ generation and consumption in the best way possible. This reaches far beyond in-house optimization. As a service provider, we remove these processes’ complexity for customer, thus occupying an important role in the value chain.” AÜW and coneva’s shared vision thus consists in a regional electricity product that accurately maps all participants’ generation and consumption in terms of the energy economy, i.e. taking into account a simultaneity.

Quick to product

“Working alongside our customers, we develop solutions in individual bursts. In this way, we are sure not to miss out on the market,” says Simone Herz, Product Manager at AÜW. In a first step, select AÜW customers will be given the opportunity to operate and control local energy management for their PV systems via an energy app developed by coneva. In addition to the PV system and battery storage units, charging stations for electric vehicles and heat pumps can also be integrated. Thus, the focus is no longer only on generation, but also on the overall intelligent use of PV energy and a significant increase in private consumption. The PV systems connection to the IoT energy management platform “ennexOS” also allows them to be comprehensively recorded in a web portal. This local data subsequently forms the basis for simulating the optimum size of a local storage unit or a power to heat system. In the next steps, AÜW examines customers’ connection to the energy market. AÜW’s bundling and marketing of the capacities of private PV systems allows for additional revenues, or the exchange of electricity in the region via an energy cloud – all in real time perspective.