Sustainable Fleet Management

Seize today’s opportunities on the energy markets and be optimally equipped for tomorrow’s challenges

Sustainable fleet management

Electric mobility and clean energy perfectly combined and adapted to operational processes.

The challenge

Maximum added value from e-mobility is achieved through comprehensive planning and implementation of the fleet charging infrastructure. We are your partner for these complex challenges:

Designing and installing infrastructure

Optimal system configuration

Operating charging infrastructure

Maximum availability and optimization of operations

Management of energy consumption and charging stations

Minimization of energy consumption and decentralized charging infrastructure

Optimizing energy procurement

Minimization of energy costs and/or optimization of CO2 balance

Create billing

Transparent for operators and users

The solution

The great added value of every coneva solution consists of the reliable compatibility of intelligent energy management and administrative requirements of fleet management. Billing and generation of charge detail records is fully automated. The system is scalable with AC and DC charging points and can be operated with hardware and e-vehicles from all manufacturers. In principle, we rely on the manufacturer independent OCPP protocol.

Customized dashboards are available to the different user groups in a company for optimal transparency. Energy managers can constantly monitor local energy production and consumption at individual charging stations. Fleet managers have an overview of all billing modalities and cost centres. And IT administrators have a clear user administration and can easily distribute role requirements.

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