Nahaufnahme von Smartphone auf dem die Energy Buddy App zu sehen ist

Digital Customer Relations

Digital Customer Relations

White Label App for Utilities

  • Your digital communication channel to the customer
  • White Label: Adaptable to your CI scheme
  • Free download for your customer in the App Store

What the app offers:

  • Visualization of local energy flows
  • Consumption analysis without investment and installation of additional hardware
  • Integrates data from your decentralized energy management system
  • Display of the local energy balance in real time
  • Shows the prosumer the individual contribution to the local energy balance
  • Motivates users to actively participate (challenges, high scores, benchmarking)
  • Basis for new virtual tariff concepts (energy community concept and local energy concept)

74% of your customers want more transparency on the subject of energy*

*) Survey of n=1.042 households in Germany


coneva Energy Landscape

We help you to create a stage for your region:

  • Form a central contact point for your customers and present yourself as a local partner
  • Show your end users in real time the renewable energy that is already available in their region
  • Use and establish the energy landscape as a base for new products with a local focus
  • Integrate your energy landscape on your homepage

81% of the German population believe in the energy transition and want to do their part*

*) Survey of n=1.042 households in Germany

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